Welcome to the Precision Mechatronics Lab at the University of Newcastle

We are multidisciplinary group of electrical engineers, mechanical engineers and physicists developing new mechatronic and robotic technologies for fabrication, imaging, and health care


  • Micromechatronic Systems at IFAC World Congress, 2020

Micromechatronic Systems at IFAC World Congress, 2020

  • September 25th, 2019

Join us for the open track sessions on Modeling, Identification, Estimation and Control in Micromechatronic Systems, at IFAC World Congress 2020, in Berlin, Germany.


Prof Helon Vicente Hultmann Ayala, […]



Precision Mechatronics Lab
The Precision Mechatronics Lab develops new devices and processes for imaging and fabrication. This includes new sensors, actuators and control systems for applications in microscopy, mask-less lithography, and biomedical imaging.
Our Projects
Australian Research Council
The Precision Mechatronics Lab is supported by the Australian Research Council, Industrial Partners, The Center for Complex Dynamics Systems and Control (CDSC), and the University of Newcastle.
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Newcastle Beach
The University of Newcastle is ranked in the top 3% of world universities and #26 for a university under 50 years old. We are a research intensive university with a world-wide reputation for research in Engineering, the Sciences, and Medicine.
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Recent Publications

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290 entries « 48 of 49 »