Optimal Periodic Trajectories for Band-Limited Systems

These Matlab files are an implementatation of the band-limited periodic reference generator described in “Optimal periodic trajectories for band-limited systems”, A. J. Fleming and A. G. Wills, IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 13 (3), pp. 552-562, 2009.

The functions include: a band-limited periodic signal generator; optimal inverse filtering; and examples for visualization in simulink.

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Best Paper Finalist at IEEE AIM 2016

This article presents a new method for fabricating nanopositioning systems from a single layer of piezoelectric material by ultrasonic machining. The article is among 5 finalists for the best paper award at the IEEE Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics which will be held in Banff, Canada on the 12th to 15th of July.

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IEEE Nanotechnology Council

Andrew Fleming has been appointed as an IEEE Control Systems Society representative on the IEEE Nanotechnology Council. The IEEE Nanotechnology Council (NTC) is a multi-disciplinary group whose purpose is to advance and coordinate work in the field of Nanotechnology carried out throughout the IEEE in scientific, literary and educational areas. The Council supports the […]

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New Journal Launched

We are pleased to launch the new Mechatronics Specialty Section of Frontiers in Mechanical Engineering led by Chief Editors A/Prof. Andrew Fleming (University of Newcastle) and Prof. Saman Halgamuge (University of Melbourne). The section seeks to publish research on mechatronic technologies with a high societal impact including applications in fabrication, automotive, autonomous systems, imaging, control, […]

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International Research Fellowship

An International Research Fellowship is available to visit the Precision Mechatronics lab in 2016. The fellowship will include all travel and accommodation costs for a period between four weeks and six months. The due date is July 29, 2015. Please contact Andrew Fleming for more details.

Yik Teo Selected as Finalist for the Best Student Paper at IEEE MSC 2015 in Sydney.

Congratulations to Yik Teo who has been selected as a finalist for the best student paper award at the IEEE Multi-Conference on Systems and Control which will be held in Sydney during September, 2015. Yik will present his work on a new high-performance repetitive controller that was experimentally validated on a nanopositioning system.

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Shannon Rios Awarded for Best Paper Finalist at AIM 2015.

Congratulations to Shannon Rios who was a finalist for the best student paper award at the IEEE Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics conference which was held in Busan, Korea during July, 2015. Shannon’s work described the design and analysis of a miniature piezoelectric leg for robotic insects.


New Book on Nanopositioning

Dr. Fleming and Dr. Kam Leang have published the first text on nanopositioning systems that provides a complete description of the design, modeling, and control.

Frequency Domain System Identification for Matlab

The attached Matlab file is an implementatation of the frequency domain subspace system identification algorithm described in “Subspace Based Multivariable System Identification from Frequency Response Data”, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, Vol. 41, No.7, July 1996. This tool allows SISO or MIMO models to be obtained from frequency response data. It is available free […]

Piezo Bender with Integrated Amplifier

A miniature high voltage power amplifier is laminated onto a piezoelectric bimorph bender using thermally conductive adhesive. The resulting actuator requires only 3.3V to operate which eliminates the need for an external high-voltage amplifier and wiring harness.