The Precision Mechatronics Lab has a wide range of lab facilities spanning multiple research areas. Whether it’s characterizing a MEMS device or imaging a particular sample, the lab is always open to collaboration with other universities and research institutions.

Please send any enquiries to: Andrew(dot)Fleming(at)

MEMS characterization

The Precision Mechatronics Lab utilises state-of-the-art microsystem analyzers (MSA) for characterizing MEMS devices designed by our group. Our analyzers include a Polytec MSA-100-3D and MSA-400. The MSA-100-3D is our most recently acquired MSA, allowing for 3D characterizing  of MEMS up to frequencies of 24 MHz.

The MSA-100-3D.

The MSA-400.

Atomic Force Microscopy

The Precision Mechatronics Lab has several Atomic Force Microscopes utilised for research purposes. The research includes investigations into the performance of nanopositioners, high-speed demodulators, novel control systems and tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy AFM (TERS-AFM). Additionally, we utilise AFMs to validate novel sensing ideas including charge sensors and new microcantilever technologies.


Horiba Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy AFM (TERS-AFM).

Laser Doppler Vibrometry

The Precision Mechatronics Lab is equipped with a Polytec scanning vibrometer PSV-400.

The Polytec scanning vibrometer PSV-400.


The Precision Mechatronics Lab utilises an attocube FPS3010 fully automated interferometric displacement measurement system for use in its optical experiments. This device combines state of the art hardware with software tools providing real-time data processing and storage, FFT signal analysis for vibrometry applications and environmental index of refraction compensation.

The attocube FPS3010 interferometer.

Scanning Electron Microscope

The Precision Mechatronics Lab is equipped with a Hitachi TM3000 Scanning Electron Microscope.

The Hitachi TM3000 Scanning Electron Microscope.

Scanning Laser Nanolithography

The Precision Mechatronics Lab performs scanning laser nanolithography by using a Meiji Microscope as the framework with custom hardware.

The Meiji microscope.

3D Printing

The Precision Mechatronics Lab utilises a Formlabs Form 2+ 3D printer for mechanical structure designs.

Th Formlabs Form-2+  3D printer.