Prof Andrew J. Fleming

Andrew Fleming is the lab director and Australian Research Council Future Fellow at The University of Newcastle, Australia.

A/Prof Yuen K. Yong

Dr. Yuen Kuan Yong is the associate lab director, and an Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow at The University of Newcastle, Australia

Academic Staff

Dr Michael G. Ruppert

Michael Ruppert is a research fellow on piezoelectric microcantilever sensors and novel AFM methods.

Dr Ben S. Routley

Ben Routley is a research fellow on near field and scanning optical lithography.

PhD Students

Mr David M. Harcombe

David Harcombe is a research student working on piezoelectric cantilever gas sensors and high-speed AFM.

Mr Meysam Omidbeike

Meysam Omidbeike is a research student working on the design, sensing, and control of monolithic piezoelectric devices.

Mr Luke R. McCourt

Luke McCourt is a research student working on improvements in two photon lithography.

Mr Natã Franco

Natã Franco is a research student working on design and control of a microcantilever for multifrequency AFM.

Mr Matheus Xavier

Mr Matheus Xavier is a research student working on modelling and control of steerable catheters.


Undergraduate Students


Timothy Lim

Timothy Lim is an undergraduate research assistant under the Complex Dynamic Systems and Control (CDSC) project grant.


Dr Arnfinn A. Eielsen

Arnfinn Aas Eielsen is a research fellow working on ultra-high resolution sensing and data conversion.

Dr Steven I. Moore

Steven  Moore is a research fellow on MEMs cantilevers and sensor devices.

Dr Rudolf Seethaler

Rudolf Seethaler is an associate professor at the the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Kam Leang

A/Prof Kam K. Leang

A/Prof. Kam K. Leang is the Director of the Electroactive and Autonomous Systems Lab at the University of Nevada – Reno, Reno, Nevada, USA.

Sumeet Aphale

Dr Sumeet Aphale

Dr. Sumeet Aphale is a researcher and Lecturer at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.


Mr Sepehr Z. Mansour

Mr. Sepehr Zarif Mansour is a research student at the University of British Columbia, Canada.


Research Visitors

Ms Linlin Li

Linlin Li is working toward the Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China.

Mr Harm Schepens

Harm Schepens is a masters student Mechanical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), the Netherlands.





Dr Yik R. Teo

Yik submitted his PhD Thesis on signal processing and control for nanopositioning and sensors in 2017.

Dr Omid T. Ghalehbeygi

Omid Tayefeh Ghalehbeygi submitted his PhD Thesis on scan-based and near-field lithography in 2018.

Mr Digvijay Raghuvanshi

Digvijay Raghuvanshi submitted his Masters Thesis on piezoelectric actuators and nanopositioning in 2018.

Dr Mohd N. Islam

Mohd Noor Islam submitted his PhD Thesis on electromagnetic localization of biomedical devices in 2017.


Dr Shannon Rios

Shannon Rios submitted his PhD Thesis on miniature piezoelectric  robotics in 2017.


Dr Garth Berriman

Garth Berriman was a research fellow in probe based lithography and deposition.


Dr Douglas Russell

Douglas Russell submitted his PhD Thesis on the control of nanopositioning systems in 2016 at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.