Dr Michael Ruppert elected as Fresh Scientist for 2021

Doctor Michael Ruppert has been announced as one of the 2021 Fresh Scientists. This program is run by Science in Public and aims to upskill Early Career Researchers into science communicators. Michael is an Early Career Researcher in the School of Engineering working in the field of Microelectromechanical Systems, Control Systems and Nanotechnology. Working with expensive, [...]

Matheus Xavier Wins School Heat of the 3 Minute Thesis

Matheus from the Precision Mechatronics Lab wins the school heat at the University of Newcastle of the 2021 3 Minute Thesis Competition.   With his talk titled "Soft Medical Robots: A Bioinspired Revolution" - Matheus inspired the audience with this rapidly growing field in robotics. Not only are these new types of robots elastically deformable, [...]

Second Place Award at IEEE ICCMA Conference in Delft, Netherlands.

Congratulations to Matheus Xavier who received the second place award for Best Oral and Poster Presentation at the IEEE International Conference on Control, Mechatronics and Automation held at TU Delft, Netherlands from November 6-8. 2019/ Experimental Characterisation of Hydraulic Fiber-Reinforced Soft Actuators for Worm-Like Robots; M. S. Xavier, A. J. Fleming, Y. K. Yong; International [...]

The Jedi Microscope

 Natã Franco Soares De Bem placed Second during the University wide 3 Minute Thesis Competition Finals. With only 3 minutes and 1 slide, Natã convincingly explained his research and its significance in a language tailored to the general public. The force was stong within him, when Natã gave his talk on the “Jedi Microscope” highlighting [...]

Dr Michael Ruppert and Natã Franco at Innovation Showcase

The Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment hosted the annual Innovation Showcase on 17th September. The event gathered industry representatives from Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Hunter Valley region. Dr Michael Ruppert, from the Precision Mechatronics Lab, talked about the projects developed by the group, from nanopositioners to microrobotics and their applications in the nanoworld. Phd [...]

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